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Ceiling Balloon Decor

Ceiling Balloon Decor


Ceiling Balloon Decor Starting at $400

  • Important Information

    By submitting any order via this site you agree to all terms and conditions listed on our website.

    As a reminder all sales are final.


    All event orders must be made within a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to event. Events are not confirmed and items are not reserved until payment(s) are made and finalized.

    A minimum of 50% of the deposit is required to confirm any event.

    Full payment is required for all custom made, personalized, custom printed orders.

    Photo Release :
    We take photos and videos of every single event delivered as not only proof of how we left it but also content for our sites. We may also video record the reactions of the person receiving the arrangements or first views of events. We reserve the right to have these images up on our site and have the right to post on our social media sites.

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