Want to make a statement at your new event???


Book us to put together this "WOW FACTOR"


You'll recieve the following: 

  • (1) Custom 8ft x 8ft backdrop 
  • Up to two (2) LED Numbers or Letters 
  • Balloon Decor 
    • Up to three colors 
  • (1) Throne Chair 




STL Balloons Package #1

  • By submitting any order via this site you agree to all terms and conditions listed on our website
    As a reminder all sales are final.

    All event orders must be made within a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to event. Events are not confirmed and items are not reserved until payment(s) are made and finalized

    A minimum of 50% of the deposit is required to confirm any event.

    Full payment is required for all custom made, personalized, custom printed orders.

    Online orders are to be placed AFTER contacting us first to ensure availability of items, date and time. If you place an order online without inquiring availability we will NOT give refunds if we are not available.

    Orders that have been placed on this website without contacting us FIRST to be sure we are available are not guaranteed under any circumstance.

    The total remaining balance must be paid in full by the Wednesday of the week of the event.

    Once the invoice has been e-mailed to the client, they must be sure that all information is listed correctly on the invoice as this is what we follow to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and a great event.
    Events are not confirmed until a deposit is made.
    Event orders made with less than 3 weeks notice prior to event must pay invoice in full. 

    Just 2 Party Rental has a minimum order of $400 for deliveries within SW Miami Dade/Kendall and surrounding areas $500 in Hialeah/Miami Lakes/ Homestead and surrounding areas $400 in Miramar, Pembroke Pines, $500 in Davie, SW Ranches Weston, $600 in Sawgrass , Coral Springs and etc.

    A $50 for pick ups with a ($100 minimum) refundable deposit when items rented are returned by specified date. Penalty from deposits will start at $25 per day for late returns.

    IIn the event of a cancellation, payments will be applicable for future bookings within 1 year of the previously scheduled event, but will not be returned under any circumstances.

    Cancellations made less than 2 days prior to event maybe serviced to a full payment charge.




    COVID 19 Cancellations and Cancellations due to INCLEMENT WEATHER:
    Cancellations due to Covid19 - Absolutely No Refunds due to cancellation due to covid19. We will grant all monies paid for 1 year from the previous scheduled event. Please contact us with a minimum of 3 weeks prior to decide to have your next event. We cannot guarantee any party packages at the time of cancellation since packages and prices are subject to change.

    Cancellation due to inclement weather must be made by 7:30 P.M. two days prior. Please keep a weary eye out for inclement
    weather because once we are on our way to the event, full payment is due rain or shine.

    We will always do our best to accommodate our clients if activities are postponed due to inclement weather, but once we are in route to the event, full payment is due. If one does decide to postpone the event, we will keep the deposit for two weeks only, afterwards if you decide not to go ahead with the event, a refund will not be given.



    Before booking online via our online store system www.shopjust2party.com, it iis the responsibility of the client to be sure to contact us by phone or email to be sure we are available on the date and time of your event for the items you would like. Any order placed without notification will be the clients responsibility and no refund will be granted unless determined by the owner of Just 2 Party Rental, LLC.


    Payment of cash, Zelle, Venmo or Credit Card is accepted which include Visa, Master Card and AMEX. 

    When paying with a credit card a convenience fee of 3.75- 5% (depending on the card) will be added to all credit card payments per transaction.
    When submitting any payment online via the e-mail please note
    you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed on this site.

    JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC requires a minimum 50% of the total balance of merchandise, decorations, equipment, rentals and
    entertainment must be made at the time of reservation without exception.

    Without a deposit JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. does not guarantee any

    services on the day of your event.


    Deposits must be made via the payment options mentioned above. We do not return deposits under any circumstance, unless we feel we are not capable of servicing you for any reason we deem necessary. If you decide to cancel your event. Moneys given as deposits may be used for future events or given to a friend or relative for their event as well within 1 year of use time for the same items previously reserved.

    Personal checks are no longer being accepted. Check payments are only accepted from Corporations, Schools and Organizations such as a PTA, PTO, PTSA etc.

    JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC Reserves the right to change prices and terms & conditions without notice, at anytime. We also reserve the right to refuse services for a client’s event due to location or distance or for which ever reason we feel necessary.
    No modifications are to be made to packages listed on this website. If you would like a custom package, items listed in package will be reduced to give clients the best possible price vs. the a la cart price.
    Events out of Miami-Dade County maybe charged additional traveling/distance fees. After all merchandise has been delivered and inspected by a JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. employee we do not carry ourselves responsible for any damages made to any merchandise or decorations after we have left the premises . On holidays JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. may increase prices depending on the date and occasion.
    Rental Items: ALL CENTERPIECES ARE RENTAL with the exception of fresh flowers. Fresh Flowers are a sold item but vases must be returned.

    Invoices are considered to be a contract. Even if you do not sign the bottom or the invoice, once you have submitted your deposit to JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC we take it as you have read the terms and conditions stated on this page. We follow exactly what is on your invoice, No exceptions. Receipts are sent after payments are submitted.

    Reducing quantities must be done at least one week prior to the event. Reducing quantities less than one week prior to event will result in charges for the original amount. Increases can occur within 2 days prior providing availability of items. We do not make changes to orders within 2 days prior to the event. No exceptions.


    Set up is NOT included on any rental item such as the set up of tables, chairs, chiavari chair cushions, plates, cups, napkins, utensils.- This is a seperate service that must be arranged and paid for prior to delivery.

    Delivery fees are subject to fluctuate depending on the load, time and distance.
    Delivery fees are applicable for all merchandise, balloon arches, balloon decorations and any other
    item that needs to be delivered and set up.

    Delivery fees/set up fees may also increase depending on the load, amount of staff needed, amount of time needed to unload/reload as well as how many additional vendors were hired to make your event a success.

    We do not guarantee any set delivery times, only time frames. Customers must be at the delivery location to sign for the received goods.

    IItems will not be left if no one is at the delivery location.
    After all merchandise has been delivered and inspected by a JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. employee we do not carry ourselves responsible for any damages made to any merchandise or decorations after we have left the premises .
    Delivery/ Pick-up Fee Prices are for GROUND FLOOR deliveries ONLY.

    Elevator fees are additional and will be applicable if delivery must be made that are not on ground floor level. If delivery is to multiple floors in one building fee will duplicate depending on how many additional floors we will need to deliver to.

    If there are no elevators and we must bring merchandise up a set of stairs there will also be an additional cost added depending on how many flights of stairs we must carry any merchandise. 

    PICK UP:
    After event is complete all equipment and merchandise rented from JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. will be picked up.

    Customer is responsible for stacking all chairs, folding tables and popping all balloon decorations, leaving only balloon bases, stands and rental items.
    Iif linens are rented, please be sure to clear off all trash from the tables.
    JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL LLC, is NOT responsible for cleaning up any waste/trash or garbage after any event (including popped balloons left on the ground). We will only clean up after contracted to do so with a cleaning crew and fee paid of $150.00 Customer must be present at time of pickup providing all items are available and ready for JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. employees to pick up. We do not guarantee any pick up times.


    All items must be returned in the same condition in which they were received, keeping in mind using safety precautions from any weather conditions. All character cutouts must be kept in a dry and clean location.

    It is the customer’s sole responsibility to confirm with the park or club house that all the items rented or services from JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC., INC are allowed at the park or club house. Once again, all rental charges are for time out, whether the items were used or not.
    BALLOON ARCHES/ BALLOON DÉCOR and your responsibility:
    All balloon decorations are applicable to a delivery fee as mentioned above. All decorations are to be returned and as
    Concrete Bases are delicate and heavy. Therefore, it is crucial for client to decide the location of the balloon decorations prior to the balloon set up process. If in any case you, the client decide to move the concrete bases, keep in mind it is at your own risk. JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. is not responsible for any injury made if client decides to change the location of arch or columns on their own without contacting a JUST 2 PARTY EMPLOYEE prior to moving item to the new location while we are present at the location. It is the responsibility of the client to inform a JUST 2 PARTY EMPLOYEE to change the location of the item while the set up process is taking place. Concrete bases may get wet due to rain, pool party or any other water related event or activity. 

    Please be advised that we will try to accommodate our clients in trying to fix any popped balloons while we are present, after we have left the premises it is your responsibility to keep the decorations safe to prevent any balloons from popping including keeping balloons out of the sun which may cause balloons to pop in the South Florida Heat.

    As a reminder:
    Rental Items must be returned as delivered. All tables must be cleared from debris. Chairs must be folded and stacked up. If chairs have cushions they must be removed and placed in bags
    Linens must be placed in a bag and clear from confetti, and debris. Balloons from decor must be popped.
    Centerpieces must be returned as delivered. Concession machines (Pop corn, Cotton candy, snow cone or hot dog) Must be returned clean and free from left overs.
    ADDITIONAL FEE WILL BE ADDED IF Items are not returned as delivered

    If damages are made to any merchandise, decorations, equipment and rentals are not in the state it was received, the amount of the damaged items will be added to your total. It is the responsibility of you the client to take care of items rented from JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC.

    Your Responsibility:
    We are not responsible on your care of the balloons.  Once we have left the premise with the balloons in tact we will not be responsible to what happens to them once we have left. Out of courtesy , we will try to fix them if you bring it back to us to our location but will not do a double delivery unless you would like to pay for the pick up/delivery and fix of the balloons.

    JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL, LLC. is not responsible for setting up or taking down tables, chairs, tablecloths or decorations. Additional labor charges will be applied for these services. This service must be arranged for prior to the Delivery/Pickup
    JUST 2 PARTY RENTAL LLC, is NOT responsible for cleaning up any waste/trash or garbage after any event (including popped balloons left on the ground). We will only clean up after contracted to do so with a cleaning crew and fee paid of $250.00

    Entertainers and clowns are on a schedule that they must follow. If you wish for the entertainer/clown to stay longer
    it must be done at the time of signed invoice and deposit. Clowns and entertainers may vary due to their route. All entertainers and clowns will do games but do not guarantee time for both face painting and balloon animals due to the amount of restricted time and the amount of children at your event. It is recommended that either 2 entertainers/clowns go to event for the arranged time if there are
    more than 40 children present. Otherwise, more time is also suggested. If no guests are present at the event when entertainer/clown arrives, client will still be charged for the clown/entertainer being present and his or her time out. Also, please note that due to the rising cost of gas, additional traveling fees maybe applied to areas out of South West Miami- Dade County (Kendall, Doral, Sweetwater, Westchester, South Miami, West Miami, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Miami Lakes and Miami Springs) all other areas not mentioned, fees maybe applicable. All Face paint and glitter used is the best quality  approved for anti-allergy specially for faces and body art.

    Photo Release :
    We take photos and videos of every single event delivered as not only proof of how we left it but also content for our sites. We may also video record the reactions of the person receiving the arrangements or first views of events. We reserve the right to have these images up on our site and have the right to post on our social media sites.