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Terms and Conditions 

Please read Terms and Conditions in its entirety.

By submitting any order via this site, you agree to all terms and conditions listed on our website. As a reminder, all sales are final.

Event Orders, Online Orders, Minimum Orders, Deposits & Confirmation:

-All event orders must be made within a minimum of three (3) week prior to event. Events are not confirmed, and items are not reserved until payments are made and finalized. 

-A minimum of 50% of the deposit is required to confirm any event. 

-Full payment is required for all custom made, personalized, custom printed orders. 

-Online orders are to be placed AFTER contacting us first to ensure availability of items, date and time. If you place an order online without inquiring availability, we will NOT give refunds if we are not available. 

-Orders that have been placed on this website without contacting us FIRST to be sure we are available are not guaranteed under any circumstance. 

-The total remaining balance must be paid in full 10 days prior to your event.

-Once the invoice has been emailed to the client, they must be sure that all information is listed correctly on the invoice as this is what we follow to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and great event.

-Events are not confirmed until a deposit is made.

-Event orders made with less than three (3) weeks' notice prior to event must pay invoice in full. 

Skye's the Limit Balloons and Decor LLC. has a Minimum Order of $500 for deliveries in Seminole and Orange Counties. Volusia County $600, Polk County and beyond $750. 


Payments can be made online with credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or AmEx) or Zelle Payments can be sent by using the following email- or Cash App. Cash App name: Skye's The Limit Balloons or $stlballoons 


 As part of your order and at no additional charge, a total of one planning hour are provided. This hour includes, but are not limited to, your initial consultation, research, written proposal, and revisions and related research. Additional planning time will be charged at $50/hr.


Activities included in additional planning include but are not limited to research, revisions to order, additional meetings, conversations via email, phone or other methods for the purposes of design and/or event planning.


Site visits are $150/hour, including travel time. Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor reserves the right to waive any fee and add additional consultation time for larger events or as deemed necessary by Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor  


Rules and regulations of all event sites are the responsibility of the client. The client shall provide a copy of all pertinent rules to Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor.   


Access to event location must be secured and confirmed by client to ensure timely setup. Decorating Staff will arrive onsite within the hour of installation time specified. Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor cannot be held responsible for delays (or incomplete décor) if reasonable amount of time is not allowed to complete décor services as described in this agreement. We request at least two hours for setup. Please make sure area is clean and free of any loose items. If backdrop is not provided by Skye's the Limit Balloons and Decor LLC., please make sure backdrop is properly setup and secure. Skye's the Limit Balloons and Decor LLC is not responsible for placing or putting up any backdrops or poles that are not provided by us. There will be an $100 fee for any backdrops that are requested for us to secure. Make sure all personal is at least 8ft away from balloons and all Skye's the Limit Balloons LLC. items.


-Skye's the Limit Balloons and Decor LLC. is not responsible for setting up or taking down tables, chairs, tablecloths or decorations. Additional labor charges will be applied for these services. This service must be arranged for prior to the Delivery/Pickup.

Skye's the Limit Balloons and Decor LLC, is NOT responsible for cleaning up any waste/trash or garbage after any event (including popped balloons left on the ground). We will only clean up after contracted to do so with a cleaning crew and fee paid of $250.00


Client maintains the right to cancel at any time, however a cancellation fee WILL apply. We purchased supplies to build your decor, started working on your décor or turned down other work to decorate your event. If an event is cancelled one of the following fees applies: 50% Cancellation Fee for orders cancelled MORE than 14 days in advance of event date, OR 75% Cancellation Fee for orders cancelled LESS than 14 days in advance of event date, OR 100% cancellation fee for orders cancelled LESS than 10 days in advance of event date. 


Neither Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor nor client will incur a liability to each other for failing to perform any obligation under this agreement if such failure results from a force majeure or any forces beyond a reasonable control. Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor is not responsible for severe inclement weather, acts of God, or other situations that may cancel or postpone your event. Please note that Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor will make every effort to accommodate date changes as permitted by our schedule. In the event of incapacitating illness injury or emergency to the agreed-upon Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor shall substitute a balloon artist of equal or greater skill at no additional cost to client. If no replacement can be found Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor and client will be discharged of all obligations under this agreement and all deposits returned. We are not responsible for accidents or injuries related to our decor that is caused by mischief or mishandling by the client, guests or site staff. Client agrees to indemnify and hold Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor harmless of and from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys' fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to the work of Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor.



Our mission is to make your event decor look great. If we are unable to complete the design as planned due to unforeseeable circumstances at the event venue, or due to Client preference we will assess a change fee if we incur any addition labor or material expense as a result of such changes. 


The following applies for all Balloon Decor jobs:

 Sole Balloon Artist -  Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor will be the sole exclusive balloon décor provider for your event. Any designers will be direct employees or sub-contractors of the designated sole Balloon Artist used at this event. By signing this agreement the client agrees that no other person or company, including but not limited to caterer, coordinator, planner, event designer, volunteers, professional or otherwise, shall provide balloon products or decor for the client’s event without the written notice and consent of Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor. This is to protect our professional reputation and to insure uniformity throughout your event. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by  Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor  and exceptions are at the sole discretion of Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor. 


All materials are guaranteed to be as specified by the manufacturer. If a supplier discontinues a product or manufacturer changes material type, Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor reserves the right to make any last minute changes (at our discretion based on availability of materials at time of event). We reserve the right to substitute an item of like kind and quality.  


We use professional equipment and material as intended for its particular purpose within all designs. To limit your risk of damage we recommend that all decor and items remain in the position and location they are ordered for, installed in or placed in. Please do not use or place any decor designed for indoor use outdoor or outside of covered 4-wall framed structures. 


Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor shall not be responsible should weather conditions make it impossible to setup décor service (as described in this agreement). This includes, but not limited to strong winds, rain or snow storms. However, if inclement weather prevents delivery of agreed decor, A 50% CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED PROMPTLY AND CAN BE USED FOR ANOTHER DATE WITHIN 90 DAYS.



We use only the highest quality products and techniques to build your décor. However, due to the general nature of balloons, we CANNOT guarantee that your balloons will remain perfect and intact when used outdoors. Most outdoor decor is still subject to popping, “frosting” or fogging/oxidation of the colors, and/or movement from the wind. If inclement weather conditions, make it difficult or impossible to produce as specified Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor will do its best to be flexible with providing décor alternatives. It is clearly understood that there will be no refunds or discounts for loss, breakage or failure to produce due to factors outside and beyond our control.  


To get best use out of Helium-filled designs including bouquets/clusters, arches centerpieces, etc. we strongly recommend that you use them for INDOOR ONLY. Unfortunately, their behavior and movement are very unpredictable, and they are likely to flop around in the wind, lose their form or pop, pop, pop!  


Due to the professional level of our designs, there will not be any other balloons from other vendor sources on the event site during scheduled set-up time, including the inflation of balloons by volunteers. If this occurs, Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor reserves the right to leave the job site for breach of contract.


If client and Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor agree prior to the event and it is written into the contract. Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor strongly encourage our clients to not purchase or provide their own balloons. Balloons are provided in the pricing. If a client wants to provide their own balloons, Skye's The Limit cannot guarantee the quality of the balloons the clients purchase. This includes but not limited to the following: color, deformities, being able to hold helium or air, popping and more. If client provides their own balloons the price does not change. The client will be responsible for have extra balloons if a balloon shall pop during the setup process. If client doesn't provide enough balloons, Skye's the Limit Balloons has the right to alter or change the balloon design.  


All re-usable non balloon equipment, including but not limited to frame, lighting, poles, fabric, etc., are the property of Skye's The Limit Balloons and Decor and must remain onsite for pickup at a specified time and date. Client is responsible for all losses due to theft, vandalism, misplacement or damage. In the event that our equipment is damaged, misplaced, or stolen, the Client agrees to be billed for the repair or replacement cost of the item(s). Depending on the decor, we may be able to build decor items onto temporary equipment that can be purchased during the booking process.



We take photos and videos of every single event delivered as not only proof of how we left it but also content for our sites. We may also video record the reactions of the person receiving the arrangements or first views of events. We reserve the right to have these images up on our site and have the right to post on our social media sites.


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